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wiwn, august

it's safe to say that 90% of the time i can be found in breton stripes.. such a classic, versatile and easy-to-wear look that has become my standard go-to each day. with the shops in transition this month, from end-of-sale bargains to the influx of new season offerings, august is usually the month i stock up on this essential component ...
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wiwn, january

my winter downtime 'uniform' has long been a pair of skinny jeans, simple tee, cosy knit and minimal jewellery adornment. it's actually been a while since i treated myself to anything new, and if it were acceptable to wear the same outfit day-in-day-out without anyone commenting, i probably would! but as with any new year, i've found myself evaluating my ...
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the lake & stars

i guess i must have been living under a rock the past few weeks, as i hadn't heard of h&m's latest high street offering & other stories until my good friend alex pointed me in the right direction, stating: "you will love it!" she certainly knows me well, as i'm pretty smitten with the majority of the collection just now, ...
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