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All you need is coffee & wifi..

As a creative multi-hyphenate (love that phrase!), I spend a lot of my days shuttling from place-to-place meeting clients and fellow creatives for content and strategy sessions, coffee and catch-ups, whilst squeezing an inordinate number of hours on my laptop in between, working on marketing, content and blog posts. While I’ve got a sweet little office set up in the corner of my living room (which is currently getting a little revamp, watch this space), being out-and-about so often during

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Ladies first.

I’m currently in the midst of rounding up a blog post on my favourite co-working spaces in Manchester, but for now I wanted to share with you imagery of this most stylish of co-working spaces in Soho, New York. I came across The Wing via an Instagram post by Gillian Anderson (you guys know how much of an X Files geek I am..), which showed one of the space’s telephone booths emblazoned with the inscription: “the office of Dana Scully:

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Carry on working

i’m in the process of packing up my home ready for our eviction, and while my office area is definitely going to be the last space i dismantle, working surrounded by immense piles of clutter – and the clank, clank, clank of workmen on the scaffolding outside – is proving to be highly demotivating! thankfully, the beauty of blogging – or any contemporary business built to run online – is that you really can work from anywhere these days! in the

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