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Tag: Scent

The soft glow of candlelight

the big january freeze is actually one of my favourite times of the year. perhaps because i’m a winter baby, i don’t despair as much as some at the long dark nights and brisk frosty mornings, but instead prefer to embrace what we now might describe as ‘hygge’, but can be very adequately be simply described as “the perfect opportunity to snuggle up on the sofa, under a pile of heavy blankets, and bask in the soft scented glow of

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The lost art of the nose

earlier this year i attended a wonderful perfume-making workshop led by fragrance expert emmanuelle mogelin of experimental perfume club, so i was delighted to hear that she has now taken up residence in dalston junction and opened the doors of london’s first open-access perfumers lab. the new laboratory space will host regular perfumery workshops as well as bespoke one-to-one consultations and olfactory events, offering a unique opportunity to get up close and personal with an art form traditionally difficult to

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