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Tomorrow starts tonight.

When we moved into our new home, one of the first things we noticed were how poorly fitting the venetian blinds were in our bedroom.  I don’t know about you, but both my boyfriend and I need total darkness at night to be able to sleep soundly. The first night we turned off the lights at bedtime, the entire room remained illuminated by shards of light seeping in on either side of both blinds – an absolute nightmare for Luis

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Delivering the perfect night’s sleep.

In my last post I shared my experience making pillows and duvets with Herbert Parkinson as part of a press trip with John Lewis & Partners. The next stop on our Northern adventure was Hornington Manor, set within the grounds of Harrison Spinks farm. The farm boasts 300 acres of beautiful Yorkshire pasture and arable land, and is home to a flock of Texel, Suffolk, Zwartble and Wensleydale sheep, which are reared in exchange for their woolly fleeces. The farm

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Dreaming of a duvet day.

Back in early July I was invited on a very exciting press trip with John Lewis & Partners, planned around one of my favourite activities – sleep!  Better yet, the trip was up here in the North, and introduced us to the brilliant people who make John Lewis’ sleep products, showcasing the unique materials they use and the tradition and innovation that drives them. Our first stop was Lancashire – Darwen, to be precise – and the home of Herbert

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Sleep retreat.

Last week I was invited down to the beautiful Artist Residence hotel in London by Marks and Spencer* for a wonderful ‘sleep retreat’ designed to unlock the secret to a restful night’s slumber. M&S have long been a go-to destination for all things better sleep related on the British high street, offering outstanding quality and product innovations to ensure their customers are able to create the perfect sleep retreat in their homes. This Autumn their bedding range has undergone a

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