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anytime, anywhere

[soliloquy id="19021"] have you come across butterfly twists ballet pumps before? i hadn't, and as a girl who lives her life in pursuit of comfortable flats it certainly has been a revelation to discover this chic, affordable line that is set to revolutionise my wardrobe! the idea was conceived by four london-based (male!) entrepreneurs who identified a gap in the market ...
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boldly, softly

[soliloquy id="18818"] the soft, springlike colour palette of norwegian paint brand jotun lady's new collection has been perfectly captured in their latest lookbook, harmonising powder soft feminine hues with gently subdued neutrals for a cool, calming aesthetic that avoid the saccharine sweet overtures of classic sugared almond paint tones. i'm never usually a 'pink person' but i'm totally won over by ...
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a ferm hand

[soliloquy id="18750"] the ferm living catalogue is always full of inspirational pinterest-friendly visuals - all soft pastel hues and gentle geometry - but this new season's heavy wink towards lush urban greenery proves that the rise of the indoor gardener and the allure of the house plant is here to stay. kelim rugs and fragmented textiles are also big news yet again (i'm not ...
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