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A little bit of a personal post today, as it’s the start of Cervical Cancer Prevention Week, a cause which has become very close to my heart over the past year.   I’ve not been one to shy away from cervical screenings – aka smear tests – in the past but, what with the pandemic and all the lockdowns, my latest screening (in mid-March 2022) probably ended up being just over a year late. I didn’t think anything of it

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Unlock the power of plants.

Even pre-pandemic, I spent a lot of time indoors. Working from home as a freelancer can all too easily mean your daily commute is from bed to desk to sofa and back again, without leaving the house for days on end. In fact, as a predominantly urban dwelling population, it has been estimated that Brits spend an incredible 90 percent of our time indoors – a statistic that has only been exacerbated over the past few years through numerous national lockdowns

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The world’s first purifying steamer.

Travelling during a global pandemic can be fraught with anxiety and concern. When we made the decision to travel to Guatemala to spend Christmas and New Year with my boyfriend’s family, whom he had not seen in over two years, we spent a lot of time weighing up the pros and cons of our trip, and looking for ways to ensure we stayed as safe as possible as we explored the country.   So when Laurastar got in touch to

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In pursuit of wellbeing.

It’s safe to say the first few months of the year have been tough on us all. I doubt I was the only one secretly hoping – even though it was highly unlikely – that the new year might bring with it the usual promise of a fresh start, and renewed hope. But, as is often the case, it truly has been a case of being darkest before the dawn. January, February and March were, for want of a better

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The power of big energy.

Self-care has taken on a whole new significance for me during these long lockdown weeks, as I pace within the four walls of my home. Taking quality time for myself has always been an integral part of my weekly routine, but being at home 24/7 just now has meant taking extra care to ensure I’m being kind and considerate to myself and, specifically, my skin. As someone who suffered terribly with bad acne ever since my teenage years, it’s only

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Gonna let it burn.

I’ve talked a lot about using scent as a means of facilitating ‘escape’, but scent is also a powerful way to alleviate anxiety and stress, which I think we can all agree is highly needed just now.  I’ve had a couple of friends recently recommend the benefits of “focused meditation”, using the smoke curls of burning incense and watching them curl and waft upwards, becoming immersed in the different patterns and paths the trail of the smoke begin to take.

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