Fabric of my Life.



despite having lived in london my whole life, it wasn’t until this summer that i truly discovered the charming delights of regent’s canal; a nine mile waterway that winds its way quietly through the capital, from the river thames at limehouse all the way to warwick avenue. my newfound awareness came courtesy of my friend calypso, founder of the […]

i’m lucky enough to have the opportunity to travel frequently, both with my business and my blog, but the luxury of being able to visit and explore new cities as a part of my working lifestyle doesn’t come without its drawbacks. even when i’m on ‘holiday’ i still need to stay connected, so its great […]

I have a recurring daydream where I’m lounging on a deck in the sunshine, my feet hanging over the edge into crisp turquoise waters. All around me is peace and calm. In the distance, the melodic chatter of cicadas in the trees, the tantalising aroma of freshly cooked bread gently wafting over in the breeze; […]

we had precious little time to explore brussels having lost a day of our long weekend to eurostar delays, so in order to make the most of our visit i turned to a few of my belgian friends on twitter and facebook for recommendations on the very best sights, shops, cafés and museums to visit. […]

a few weeks ago i was invited to visit brussels by accorhotels, and experience the vibrant, dynamic character of a city keen to shake off the negative stigma it has acquired following the paris shootings late last year, and show its true face as a thriving cosmopolitan european capital. having lived in london all my life i’m not one to scare […]

wouldn’t it be wonderful if you were able to raise money for your favourite charities whenever you shopped online? well, with easyfundraising you can now do just that! with the site and by simply shopping with any of their 2,700 registered retailers – including john lewis, asos and next – you can raise money for your chosen charity. […]

it’s a cliché to talk about how fast the year has flown by i know, but it really does feel like just yesterday i was lying drunken on the floor last new years eve with my bestie singing tinie tempah’s pass out (how apt) and here we are again – no, not drunk on the floor […]

have you ever visited fuerteventura? i spent a summer holiday there when i was fourteen and must admit it wouldn’t have been a destination i would have thought of visiting again had it not been for thomas cook airlines, who invited me on a wonderful trip there last month with fellow blogging pals lucy, sophie, laila, dannii, […]

knight frank’s annual wealth report names my hometown of london as an integral city for ultra high net worth individuals (UHNWIs), which doesn’t come as a surprise given how much i’m currently struggling to get a foothold on the housing market! the report makes fascinating reading though, and gives some really interesting observations about why london has become so significant to […]

as much as i loved tangier, it was the ancient walled town of asilah 40km south along the coast that truly captured my heart. a beautifully tranquil destination, straddling the cliffs of morocco’s north atlantic coast and enclosed by defensive walls built by the portuguese in the 15th century, the fortified fishing village is awash with the traditional mediterranean […]

last month i was invited to experience morocco’s most northerly city, 15 miles across the straits of gibraltar from spain, a place long been mythologised as a bohemian escape and a city of extremes; a surreal crossroads where northern africa meets europe, the mediterranean meets the atlantic, and hedonism and history collide. what had always fascinated […]

would you travel abroad for the weekend without luggage? it’s been fascinating to see so many people on twitter shudder at the words hand baggage only, let alone the idea of traveling sans bagage for a few days! i must say, i baulked slightly at the idea when moneysupermarket.com first challenged me to spend the […]

for me, the most agonising point of any overseas trip is that torturous wait by the baggage carousel after a long flight, on an absolute knife edge waiting for a glimpse of your suitcase gliding its way around. that immediate, almost overwhelming relief that your baggage has actually made it to the same destination as you – instead […]

there really is nothing better than taking a time-out from the constant go, go, go of modern life, is there? last week i took myself away from the daily rigours of the big smoke to enjoy a solo sojourn at the english seaside. and let me tell you, it was bliss. i booked myself into the […]

i mentioned a few weeks ago that i was off skiing for the first time, thanks to aéroports de lyon. the french airport is in the perfect spot for quick and easy access to the northern alps, the biggest skiable area in the world. along with fellow bloggers lucie, laurie, niamh and millie we were given […]